R50 Tuning Kit Cover R50 Tuning Kit Exhaust R50 Tuning Kit Rear Badge R50 Tuning Kit Side Badge

This dealer fit kit was first offered in April 2003.


  • Machined Cylinder Head
  • Improved-flow Air Filter
  • Cat-back Exhaust
  • ECU Remap
  • Injection Tube Cover
  • Rear and Side Badges


R50 Tuning Kit Dyno
  • 93 kW (126 PS | 124 hp) @ 5750 rpm
  • 155 Nm (114 lb-ft) @ 4750 rpm
  • 0 - 62 ~ 8.9 sec


R50 Tuning Kit Parts


Approximately 5 hours (Builds through 2004-05 | Manual Transmission Only)

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